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Christian Fellowship Church



There are a lot of places to turn to for “fake news” and convenient facts, but there is only one person we can turn to make sure that we have the full story – Jesus. We want to be people who identify with what He says about how we should live.


Ashburn is a 64 Crayola crayon box but too often we live in an 8-crayon environment. We want to embrace the truth that comes from Jesus while also embracing the various cultures and backgrounds that reflect that same truth. 


We live in a world that is quick to draw an opinion and slow to exhibit grace. Our desire is to be quick to listen and quick to exhibit the love and forgiveness that Jesus continually gives to everyone. 


Life is loud. We believe that one of the best ways to cut through all the noise is to develop a relational connection to Jesus by talking and listening to what He has to say. 


The great song theologian, Bob Dylan, once said “You’re gonna have to serve somebody.” Everywhere you go, people are serving someone. Our desire is that we serve the one that matters – Jesus.


Too often church seems like it is designed for people who have it all together. But if you have ever messed it up, blown it up or screwed it up, you are not alone. Each of us has. We don’t have it all together but we want to follow the one who does – Jesus. No matter your past, present or future, you are welcome here. We are a church moving to the One Loudoun/Ashbrook community in May of 2020.

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